The Desert Rose Eco lodge is a product of creative thinking which merges Egyptian heritage with global eco-friendly concerns and we are proud to list below the great efforts we have put into this:

· The entire construction of the Lodge has been carried out by local craftsmen.
· We use water from local wells for everything in the Eco Lodge, and for the drinking water, we filter through old large jugs called ‘zeer’. Bottled mineral water is also available.
· Bed linen and all materials in our eco lodge are made of 100% cotton, grown in Egypt.
· All services used are locally owned and operated; therefore your money remains 100% in Egypt.
· Our drivers take care not to destroy vulnerable terrain.
· We cook using ingredients from our own organic farm (including courgettes, peas, tomatoes, onions and beans). Everything else is bought or grown in the Oasis to guarantee freshness and to support the local community.
· We co-operate with the village authorities to separate waste and to dispose of it properly.