Welcome to Desert Rose Eco-Lodge

The Desert Rose Eco Lodge Bahariya is a hotel set in the unspoiled, beautiful area of Bir El Mattar about 8 kilometers from the main town Bawiti.

The weather is beautiful here, perfect for strolling amongst the palm trees. For the more active among you, there is cycling and climbing the mountains (not as hard as it sounds, as they aren’t that high!) And of course fantastic Desert Safaris and camping in the desert.

Desert Rose Eco Lodge offers accommodation near the Pyramid Mountain and there is a hot spring just 100 yards away. And best of all, the area is serene and yet only a 15 minute drive from Bawiti town centre and one hour away from Egypt’s famous White Desert.

The Desert Rose Eco Lodge captures the spirit of the old oasis, and was built to evoke the traditional style of the Oasis villages using local palm tree branches and natural clay.

As an Eco Lodge, we don’t believe in having air conditioning but this won’t affect your comfort as the winter high season doesn’t need it and even the summer desert nights are cool. Besides, the traditional way our Eco Lodge has been built with thick clay walls absorbs the heat and the high ceilings and ventilation windows placed north and south create a natural flow of air.